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Criminal Justice Associates Atlanta GA provides Asset & Financial Investigation services to Fortune 5000/1000 Corporations, Government Agencies, Professionals, Law Firms, and Small Business Companies. All investigations are fully compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Gramm-Leach Billey Act. The information developed on people and companies and other entities is often sensitive and confidential. In respect with that we require a valid and legal purpose before we conduct any Asset or Financial Investigation.

Asset investigations can identify tangible and intangible assets titled in the name of a person(s) or business entity. Business entities being C or S Corporations, Limited Liability Companies (LLC), Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP) and others. We also examine assets that are held in trusts and estates. In the course of conducting asset investigations we often develop other information such as criminal, civil, personal and business connections that may provide information not previously known.

Our investigations develop and document current and historical public, private, and proprietary records. These records are credit, financial and business related. In addition we can locate banking, brokerage, and other financial records that might be located within the USA, and select foreign countries. We use analytical tools to examine relationships between people, companies, and assets. Many of the same techniques are used in our background and digital forensics investigations. We also can employ social media cybervetting techniques that can reveal information of possible value posted on social networks, blogs, and other sites.


NOTE: The above items are possible assets that could be owned by a person or company

Focused Asset Investigations examples:

Net Worth Profiles on Companies/ Individuals
This information is helpful in financial due diligence, verifying assets in a major financial transaction, and when considering settlement offers.

General and Focused Financial Investigations
Provided in cases of fraud, theft, and embezzlement. Examples would be a person of trust embezzling or diverting funds in a medical practice, a non profit organization, or a multi-store retail chain. We can provide specialized financial investigations to determine the flow of money, where it travels, and who receives the funds.

Bankruptcy Investigations, Monitoring, and Hidden Assets
We investigate suspected false claims in Chapter 7,11, 13 filings. Locating unreported or hidden assets sold without notification to the bankruptcy trustee. Detection of fraudulent conveyances. Computer & Cell Phone forensic examinations to look for financial information and contacts that can help disclose valuable information. Case monitoring as to prevent detect the filing of emergency motions or other court activities that might impact recovery of physical assets or monies.

Corporate Identity Theft
This is a growing problem and more severe that traditional personal identity theft as it involves small to large companies. The ID theft criminal uses the FEIN# and often the Dun & Bradstreet DUNS# for the purpose of getting corporate lines of credit from vendors such as Dell Computer, Staples, and even credit cards from major banks. We can conduct financial investigations to trace the source and put controls in place to secure your company before this happens.

Will/Estate and Probate Matters
Identifying assets that have been sold, transferred or concealed by parties responsible for the estate. Location of hidden assets not disclosed in estate documents. Investigations to determine why heirs are not receiving payments from the estate or other financial issues. We can also verify the legitimate identity of heirs that suddenly surface and file a legal claim against the estate.

Deceased Person Asset Investigation
We can go back and re-construct the assets of a deceased person. This can be helpful in probate and other legal situations where the records were not clear or were not sufficiently investigated. (U.S. Based records only)

Corporate and Personal Credit Reports
We have a wide range of traditional and specialized reports that are available on people and companies. Personal and business credit reports are available for South America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Contact us for specifics regarding these. We comply with the FCRA in regards to U.S. based personal credit reports.

Undisclosed Corporate Income or Partnership Interests
We provide investigations to determine if person(s) have undisclosed or interest in a business. This could be a U.S. based company or one located in a foreign country. Since we are in a global economy it is not uncommon to have business and/or investments outside of the USA.

Specialized Hidden Asset Discovery and Fraudulent Conveyances
Locating Hidden Assets of People and Companies located in the USA and select foreign countries. Conveyance of assets in violation of court orders or during the litigation process.

Real Estate and Mortgage Fraud Investigations
We provide a wide range of asset & financial investigations that address this growing problem. This include property flipping, collusion between appraisers and Realtors, & false financial statements.

Computer and Cell Phone Forensics
We also use techniques as outlined in our Digital Investigations section. Computers, cell phones such as IPHONES and PDA’s often contain a great deal of financial information. These devices, if made legally available to us can augment our investigative efforts.

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