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Criminal Justice Associates Atlanta GA provides extensive corporate investigation services. Our integrated and low profile methods are designed to help identify and resolve your problem quickly. We can also provide assistance when your company when involved in criminal/civil matters. Our goal is to protect your company, assets, people, and standing in the community.

corporate investigationsWe conduct a wide range of corporate investigations to include high technology, retail, health care, financial, multi-chain, and other verticals. Our firm can also provide assistance in development of information to present in arbitration and mediation cases. We can also provide undercover investigators that can detect and document internal/external theft, drug usage and sales, product diversion and tampering, and other threats to the company. We are specialists in evaluating difficult situations and providing real world solutions that will not impact employee productivity or interfere with day to day operations. Our staff members have real world business management experience, and provide integrative and custom solutions.

We are of the few firms that not only provides investigative expertise, but has operational business experience. Most investigative companies existence depends upon divorce, child custody, and workmen’s compensation investigations for the most part. Few if any have education or experience in accounting, auditing, sales/marketing and human resources. Corporate and business cases represent a small faction of their business. This is very important when providing solutions to the business community. We have provided investigative and security services to a wide range of industries as indicated on the Home Page of this website.

We Can Conduct Corporate Investigations for some of the following:

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Corporate Espionage Investigations

We can provide assistance to companies that are subject to corporate espionage. Corporate espionage is often a deliberate and pre planned act by current or former employees to obtain corporate trade secrets and other intellectual property. It can also be an intrusion from outsiders that have no direct link to the company, and are seeking information for various reasons, such as starting a new company, help a competitor gain an advantage, or damage the companies financial future. Corporate espionage also seeks out other information based upon on the specific need.

The following (7) bullet points are considered key information to gather on a company, and safeguards should be in place to protect this data:

We can help your company determine the source of the information loss, who the responsible parties are, and what steps you can take to secure it from happening again, to include the available legal options.

Workplace Violence / Threat Assessment Investigations

Companies of all sizes are subject to a workplace violence incident. The U.S. economy has been in a deep recession since the last quarter of 2008, and changed the face of business forever. Employees are on edge as they have no assurance of long term employment, and especially fearful of losing his/her health insurance. Companies try to remain competitive, however they have to make changes which often is not understood by all employees. The results can include threats and attacks on management, fellow employees, vendors, and even customers. The company can face criminal prosecution and civil litigation resulting from some workplace violence incidents.

The most effective way to prevent workplace violence is knowing how to spot the signs in advance, and have a plan of action before a tragedy takes place. It is important to have workplace violence strategies in place, and even more important to prevent them happening in the first place. Two examples of such a long term strategy is as follows:

1. Employee Selection – Hiring the right employee the first time, and conducting a proper background check to include screening for drug problems. Often companies opt not to do this and hire people with a history of violence, which ends up as a negligent hiring lawsuit. The company is liable for criminal acts against employees, customers, and vendors when they are on corporate properties. Liability even exists for the employer off site in some instances.

2. Security – Having a safe and secure environment for employees, customers, and vendors. All of which could be victimized in a workplace violence incident. Safety would include the use of cameras as to deter and detect aggressive or other threatening behavior. Metal detectors are also ideal in larger companies as to prevent weapons from being brought into the workplace. Criminal Justice Associates also provides Active Shooter Response kits which are a non lethal solution, along with staff training.

Workplace Violence Awareness

Criminal Justice Associates can provide on site training and awareness programs. We can assist small to large companies establish threat assessment teams within the company to spot the signs of workplace violence and take corrective action. In addition we can provide on site workplace violence investigations in place of a company established team approach, and provide assistance in the defense of workplace violence legal actions. As indicated before we can provide Active Shooter Response Kits which are a non lethal solution to include staff training.

Weapons, Bomb Threats & Explosives
A Real Possibility – Not Just an Idle Threat

We can help your company with programs to help detect and prevent firearms from the workplace. We are supporters of the 2nd Amendment, and programs can be structured that protect the rights of both parties. We can work with you company to produce a workable program as to reduce the chance of having an active shooter incident from taking place in your company. In addition we can provide assistance in setting up security procedures for screening and detection of possible explosives or hazardous materials. This threat is very real, and it the cost of prevention is quite reasonable considering the alternative.

Threat Assessment Investigations

We provide comprehensive threat assessment on incidents involving current and former employees. This also includes assessment on vendors and customers that have threatened key management and other employees. We use a wide range of methods that are non intrusive, legal, and ethical, and acceptable in today’s litigious environment. In addition we are able to engage and coordinate with law enforcement agencies and provide specific protection and other deterrents in extreme cases.

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