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Criminal Justice Associates Atlanta GA provides a wide range of security consulting and management expertise for your company, and at an affordable rate. Fortune 500/1000 companies employ Security Managers to protect People, Corporate Assets, Property, Employees, Customers and legal interests of the company. We have developed a program where companies can have all of the benefits of an on-site Security Manager, and with no direct hiring or long term contracts. We can provide real world experience to the following industries:

Features & Benefits of our Security Management Service

Criminal Justice Associates can act as your company’s Security Manager. We provide our expertise for short or long term, as every company has different requirements. Our services include dealing with a wide range of HR, physical security, investigations, dealing with law enforcement, regulatory agencies, and litigation issues. All of these can arise during the normal course of day to day business. Having a contract Security Manager in your company can help you react proactively. This prevents problems from escalating into a criminal, civil, or regulatory actions.

We develop a custom set of security programs and procedures to secure your company. Our Security Managers develop customized procedures and policies to protect the company, employees, vendors, and customers. Our cost’s are determined by the size of the company, employee size, and locations, and services utilized. Regular visits are scheduled to include emergency response plans. Listed below are the some of the situations or problems we can help prevent from happening, and help resolve if they surface in the day to day operation of the company:

Critical Security Management Services

Weapons, Bomb Threats & Explosives
A Real Possibility – Not Just an Idle Threat

We can help your company with programs to help detect and prevent firearms from the workplace. We are supporters of the 2nd Amendment, and programs can be structured that protect the rights of both parties. We can work with your company to produce a workable program as to reduce the chance of having an active shooter incident from taking place in your company. In addition we can provide assistance in setting up security procedures for screening and detection of possible explosives or hazardous materials. This threat is very real, and it the cost of prevention is quite reasonable considering the alternative.

Any one of the above events can be a severe or devastating disruption to your business. The resulting legal fees will be staggering. You also lose focus while trying to resolve a problem outside of your expertise. All of our programs feature unlimited Background, Employment, Criminal, Due Diligence, & Financial Checks. This checks are important in hiring new employees, proper due diligence on vendors and business opportunities, and discovering valuable information previously unknown about people and companies.

Criminal Justice Associates Security Managers typically spend 5-15 days per month on site, and also provide off site services to further support your company. This includes, and is not limited to meeting with law enforcement, regulatory agencies, media, and dealing with attorneys. We meet and consult with senior management or the business owners and provide monthly reports. In addition we have established professional contacts within your local community. All of our staff members have business and operational experience and integrate into your organization. You will see the advantages immediately if you have existing problems in your company.

Contact us for a customized quotation on our security management program for your company.



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