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digital forensic investigationJust look around, the digital world is growing. Just about everyone carries a notebook computer, iPhone/iPad, or Android Smart phone/Tablet. These devices are constantly being used for personal or business applications. Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter carry personal and business communications worldwide. These very same devices are being used by people involved in fraud, embezzlement, & theft, pornography distribution, and even murder.

In any criminal, civil or personal matter, a cell phone, computer, smart phone was used as part of the communication, leaving digital evidence to support that incident. We cover the gamet to include computers, networks, traditional cell phones, smart phones, and tablets.

Criminal Justice Associates provides digital forensic services A-Z, on desktop and notebook computers, cell phones, and smart phones. Our services are available to corporations, small business owners, professionals, and individuals with a qualified legal purpose. We offer offer a no charge consultation on routine projects, however there is a nominal service charge for costing large scale assignments. We use industry standard methods, and utilize cross validation to insure accuracy. Proper chain of custody is maintained for all criminal and civil cases.

LEVEL 1 EXAM of Desktop/Notebook Computers

Using specialized tools and methods we can examine the desktop or notebook computer without producing an Image Copy of the drive, and still maintain system integrity for legal purposes. No trace is left on the computer whatsoever. We can determine a wide range of activity that the computer has been used for. This includes any and all email addresses used, web cam, chat, instant messaging, images, and website visits. In addition comprehensive examinations to detect and document adult, child pornography, corporate activities and financials escort sites, and adult social networking sites. In addition our investigations will often reveal financial information, telephone, and a host of other information. Level 1 exams contain also include text and photographic images. We also can identify specific names, companies, contacts, and other data that is resident on the computer or device. This examination does NOT CHANGE or modify content on the hard drive or the date/time on the computer.

forensic investigationsThis is an advanced version of the Level 1 exam. The difference is that an IMAGE COPY is made of the entire drive(s) on the subject’s computer. Level 2 exams are required if the Corporation wants extensive documentation and plans to use the results in court proceedings. Our computer forensic exams can uncover a wide range of criminal, civil, and other violations. Some examples include:

The time to complete a Level 2 exam is based upon the size of the disk drive, information being requested, and the level of reporting required. We also provide a work statement before starting a Level 2 exam.

Cell Phone & Smart Phone Investigations – iPads & Android Tablets

cell phone forensicsCriminal Justice Associates can analyze a wide range of cell phones, IPhone and Android Smart phones. We also conduct examinations of IPADS and the leading Android based tablets. Some of the vendors we currently support are Sprint/Nextel, Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Boost Mobile, and others. We pay all shipping charges both ways, and can process the entire device within two weeks, expedited service is an additional charge. Our report includes all activity on that device that includes telephone numbers, text messages, emails, videos, photos, financial information, and other data that might be on that specific smart phone.

social networking investigationsSocial Networking Investigations

We provide extensive investigations on social networking sites. While many people and companies use these sites for a constructive purpose, they are subject to abuse, fraud, and other criminal activities. information. Please review the section on social media investigations and cybervetting for more details. Our social networking investigations can reveal some of the following content:


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