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Criminal Justice Associates provides a wide range of services for government agencies in the Atlanta area to include Fulton, Cobb, DeKalb, Gwinnett, Paulding, and other surrounding Metro Atlanta counties. In some instances usage of local law enforcement to address certain problems is not always possible, creates a conflict of interest, or even lawful. There are certain legal implications, such as conflict interest, legal access to information on subjects, timing issues, or some other legal concern. Our assistance is generally focused on civil, employment, & administrative law matters.

Applicant & Background Investigation Services

This is important considering the costs to litigate an employment matter. We provide comprehensive background investigations for city, county, state, federal agencies. We check key areas to include:

In terms of management and police employment we can provide background investigation services that expand far beyond the city or county or state jurisdiction. We can reduce expenses and prevent sending an investigator to a remote part of the state or out of state to conduct background inquiries. Using one of our local investigators your agency can help reduce negligent hiring and other employment legal issues that can arise easily when hiring the wrong applicant. In addition utilizing our extensive background investigation services can help reduce the legal expenses later on. We have extensive credit, financial, & civil database services, however NCIC criminal background checks must be done by the hiring agency.

Computer & Cell Phone Forensics

Criminal Justice Associates can provide computer & cell phone forensic services for civil, employment and administrative cases. We have complete access to state of the art programs to analyze desktop and notebook computers, to include IPHONE and Android based cell phones. In addition we are responding to the requirements of analyzing IPADS, Microsoft Surface, Dell and other devices.

Civil Investigations & Litigation Support Services

Litigation filed against the government is a constant problem. A certain percentage of state or federal claims filed by plaintiffs can be impeached based upon conducting a comprehensive investigation of the facts. Criminal Justice Associates can provide full service civil, employment, and administrative investigations & support services. Some of the areas we can assist in are:

• Sexual Harassment & EEOC Issues
• Law Suits against Government Agencies to include Law Enforcement
• Workman’s Compensation and Questionable Personal Injury Claims
• Background Investigation on the Plaintiff to seek out prior litigation

Cybervetting Investigations
Social Media – Open Source Intelligence

We can conduct extensive Social Media and Cybervetting investigations on potential and current government employees and in full legal compliance. These techniques can legally data mine Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sources for inappropriate or unlawful content. This also includes blogs, chat rooms, and other data as it pertains to E-Discovery.

Further details at Our Cybervetting services for government applications are highly customized as to address the specific needs of your agency. As an example we can address inappropriate content and/or behavior posted on various social media sites that have or might impact the agency and it’s reputation. Our Cybervetting investigation methods are ethical and legal and do not involve any breach of the individuals privacy.

Electronic Listening Device Detection & Countermeasure Programs

We also provide technical countermeasures inspections to detect listening devices placed in management offices, conference rooms, and other secure areas. This includes the detection of video cameras placed in personal areas or public restrooms.

We also can provide countermeasures devices to keep specific rooms secure at all times, and from most of the devices currently available on the market today. There are standard and custom devices that can provide the necessary masking from electronic, human based, and laser detection devices. These are cost effective and installed in a reasonable time.

Consider using our efforts only after consulting with local law enforcement and requesting a countermeasures survey prior to contacting us.

Investigative & Database Support Services

We provide consulting and implementation services for intelligence analysis applications such as I2, Memex, and other link/investigative analysis programs. Assistance in porting data from one platform to another.

In addition we can assist your agency in the proper usage of investigative databases such as Accurint, CLEAR, TLO, Tracers, Locateplus, and a host of other specific databases. We also can run cross validation reports for agencies that do not have access to certain vendors. Our firm can also produce custom reports that feature information beyond the scope of these databases and include information mined from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other sources.

Vendor Investigations & Due Diligence Investigations

Vendor fraud and kickbacks in city and county purchasing is not uncommon. It is important that city, county, & state agencies conduct the proper due diligence on the vendor selected before making significant purchases. It is not unusual to learn that the company is providing products and/or services to government that has a questionable background or a criminal history. Often even using no cost resources like the Better Business Bureau can reveal a host of information about the company and operating management, as the BBB keeps extensive files on companies. The government requires background checks before it hires employees, and the same should be done before hiring consultants and vendors being paid amounts over $10,000.00. Contact us for further details on how we can assist you in evaluating vendors, consultants and other professionals who might provide services to your agency.


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