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Criminal Justice Associates in Atlanta GA provides Complete Investigative Dossiers on People and Companies. We also have developed custom programs for specific industries. All of our investigative dossiers are compliant with state & federal laws to include the FCRA and the Gramm Leach Bliley Act. We require a legal permissible purpose to [provide our reports. Some of the information developed in our background investigations are listed below. This is NOT an All Inclusive listing, and just an introductory summary:

Flat Rate Investigative Dossiers

For companies that require (10) or more investigation reports per month, we can offer a special program for your company. Our firm can develop custom background investigation reports that are unique to your company, to include special pricing . These background dossier reports can contain up to 15-30 data elements on a person, provide national coverage, and delivered within a 48-72 hours.

Attorney’s & Expert Witness Dossiers

Many companies and individuals are now conducting inquiries on attorneys and expert witness’s before retaining them. You don’t get a second chance in court and selecting the wrong legal counsel and the additional expense of replacing them. An unqualified or expert witness with a questionable background can do equal damage as well. The Expert Witness is much like a Consultant, and is not subject to criminal background checks and/or state licensing. Anyone can claim to be an expert witness designation. Our investigative dossiers on attorneys can locate client disputes, legal malpractice settlements, bar/ethics complaints, notable cases, criminal arrests, and personal conduct.

Corporate/Business Investigative Dossiers

We provide extensive business dossier’s on public/private companies. This includes U.S. based and international companies. Our business dossier’s are a merger of personal and corporate facts. This includes financial and operational aspects of the company, civil or criminal actions, regulatory enforcement from the SEC or Federal Trade Commission, and a host of other issues. We customize our business dossier’s to provide you with the answers you need on every aspect of the company and management.

General Dossier Reports

We provide general dossier reports on individuals located in the USA and in select foreign countries. We require a valid legal purpose prior to any investigation. General background data generally focus on residential history, state/federal criminal history records, national warrants check, divorce records, driving history, and state & federal tax liens, as a typical example. We can provide custom dossier reports when the volume is more than (10) reports. All of our dossier reports provide the most up to date information as possible.

Criminal/Civil Dossier Reports

In some cases companies require extensive criminal/civil records on a company or the Officers/Directors. Our criminal/civil background dossier’s examine city, county, state, federal records. Our dossier reports are cross checked at the source level as to provide the most accurate information. We can also obtain international records depending upon the country. We can also assemble complete A-Z criminal/civil case records to include arrest/indictment documents, mug shots, juror information, discovery & interrogatories, exhibits, and other documents that are contained in a criminal/civil case. This service is valuable when a company needs to know the entire details of a criminal/civil case from initial filing to case closure.

Executive Level Dossier Reports

Companies hiring executives with compensation over $150K in compensation often demand a more detailed examination. Executive level dossier reports involve more depth and take more time to complete. Many executives have worked overseas and in some cases involved in personal and legal incidents that would not be located during a routine background investigation within the USA. Our executive level backgrounds are extensive and cover corporate, criminal, civil, financial, lifestyle and reputation inquiries. This high level background investigations are also ideal for banks, non profits, and foundations who are looking to conduct background checks on potential board members.

Hedge Fund, Real Estate, Oil Gas Investment Dossier Reports

In a recession investment scams actually grow in numbers as people and companies are looking to recover losses from bad investments. Contact us before you invest in a newly formed hedge funds, real estate or oil/gas speculation opportunities. We can analyze the investment prospectus, background the company and management, and provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision.

International Dossier Reports

We conduct background investigations on subjects and companies residing in select foreign companies. This is especially useful for companies, investment firms, and others who need to evaluate the backgrounds of people and companies before making key financial or hiring decisions. Our staff affiliates in select foreign countries furnish us with accurate criminal, civil, credit, financial, and other specialized data.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: There are numerous companies providing online background investigations. These credit card driven background check solutions are offered at a low cost ($19.95 to $149.95) You cannot provide any professional advice, current information, or customer support at these rates. Contact Criminal Justice Associates to get more information on our standard and custom background investigation reports.

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