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full range of lie detection truth verificationCriminal Justice Associates provides a full range of Lie Detection – Truth Verification Services in Atlanta GA to include the surrounding communities. We use the CVSA II developed by NITV Federal Services LLC, who still remains the industry leader for the past 22-years. If time permits please read this entire section as to fully understand all aspects of the CVSA II and how we can assist your organization.

Computer Voice Stress Analyzer® II
The CVSA ®II is an instrument that utilizes the voice to measure changes in mental-stress activity when a subject provides verbal answers to direct questions about any issue. When an individual is not being truthful, the autonomic nervous system causes inaudible changes in the frequency of the human voice. The CVSA II detects, measures, quantifies, evaluates and graphically displays the changes in the captured frequencies. The CVSA II includes numerous system enhancements and an automated scoring system, the Final Analysis Confirmation Tool® (FACT®), which quantifies/evaluates individual voice patterns and evaluates examination charts as Deception Indicated (DI) or No Deception Indicated (NDI). This feature alone makes the CVSA II a “next generation” product when compared to other truth verification technologies. The CVSA II also has the capability to record examinations to the CVSA’s hard drive, eliminating the need for a tape recorder, and allows for analysis in real-time or at a later date/time. The CVSA has the capability to record voice stress exams directly from telephones for analysis, store recorded exams, reports, and other related case files on the systems hard drive or other digital media.

NITV Certified Examiner - Voice stress analyzerCVSA II examinations are used to Verify the Truth and are often called Lie Detector Tests. This is an industry standard term used by telephone directories or internet search engines when a person wants to locate such a resource. The CVSA II is a commonly used investigative tool for pre-employment, security screening, criminal and civil investigations, suspect elimination, and other truth verification applications. The final results of any lie detection – truth verification exam should not be the ONLY factor in your final decision making process. Any lie detector – truth verification exam that involves testing an employee must follow the provisions of the EPPA (Employee Polygraph Protection Act) Our firm can provide you with complete EPPA information to include the proper notification guidelines.

We provide standard and custom Truth Verification Exams for some of the following applications:

Contact us to for further details or to discuss the specifics of your case.

Why Criminal Justice Associates Utilizes the CVSA II

Criminal Justice Associates uses the NITV CVSA II in conducting truth verification exams based upon several key factors. The CSVA II has a 22-year track record of success and utilized by 2,000 plus law enforcement agencies in the USA. Current agencies using the CVSA include the Atlanta GA Police Department, Orange County Sheriffs Office FL, San Francisco CA Police Department , California Highway Patrol, Miami FL Police Department, New Orleans LA Police Department, Nashville TN Police Department, and the Baltimore MD Police Department. The CVSA is combat proven and the only voice stress instruments used with great success against terror suspects and operatives at Guantanamo Bay Cuba, Afghanistan, Iraq, and other military areas of operation since 2002. The CVSA II is also used by U.S. Federal Probation, Defense Intelligence Agency and State Fire Marshals, as a few more examples. The CVSA II works, and can provide the same results for your organization’s truth verification applications.

The CVSA II has an accuracy rate greater than 96% as detailed in the 2012 peer reviewed research published in the Annual Criminalistics & Court Expertise Scientific Journal. Unlike the computerized polygraph instruments, NO KNOWN COUNTERMEASURES or Inconclusive results when using the CVSA II. Detailed information on all aspects of the CVSA II can be reviewed at In fact the CVSA II was used to clear a defendant of a high profile crime in Sanford Florida. The 30-year old male was cleared after an extensive police investigation that included passing a CVSA examination. This trial was televised and received heavy media attention and even after the defendant was found Not Guilty on July 14, 2014. This is just one of many examples where the CVSA II was used as a truth verification tool to clear an innocent person during a criminal investigation.

Unlike the polygraph, which can be purchased from any number of vendors, the CVSA II is a restricted sale item to state and federal law enforcement, & U.S. Military. Aside from these agencies NITV provides the CVSA II to select contractors and other qualified parties. The CVSA is the ONLY Voice Stress Instrument to have three separate U.S. patents for forensic voice stress technology. NITV Federal Services LLC – CVSA is a GSA Approved Vendor to the U.S. Government.

Professional reports detailing the results of any examination are usually available within 24-48 hours. All examinations are administered in a secure environment and adhere to strict confidentiality and privacy. Criminal Justice Associates is able to provide NITV Certified Examiners in other parts of the United States in the event you are outside of our normal service areas.

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